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  • Fellowship

    What happens when older adults outlive their resources or face unexpected financial hardships? The Foundation’s confidential Fellowship Program provides entrance and monthly assistance to help individuals with significant, documented financial needs. Your gift provides long-term security to all residents with the commitment that no resident will ever be asked to leave due to an inability to pay through no fault of their own. More than 100 of our 900 residents receive Fellowship assistance. In addition to supporting fees, Fellowship provides nutrition, supplemental health insurance and 75% or more of out-of-pocket medical expenses such as eye, ear and dental care, and uncovered medications. The security and peace of mind your gift provides our Fellowship recipients and their families is priceless. Westminster Canterbury’s Annual Fellowship Fund goes straight to supporting the costs of the Fellowship program.

    "My husband and I worked hard all our lives. We lived carefully. We invested. Then the recession came. Our dream of a comfortable retirement was gone and shortly after I lost my husband. I was too old to work. Our investments and our home no longer had the same value. What would I do? A friend suggested I apply for Fellowship assistance. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to live here and the peace of mind that comes with it."

    Thanks to your gifts to Fellowship:

    • Recipients include new and existing residents. 80% are women, many of whom are single or widowed.
    • In 2015, 114 recipients received over $3.9 million in assistance.
    • Since 1975 more than 507 residents have received $60 million in aid.
    • Fellowship is supported by gifts to the Annual Fellowship Fund and income from Fellowship endowments.
    • All Fellowship grants are covered solely through charitable gifts, never as part of full-pay residents’ fees.
  • Healthcare Excellence

    Westminster Canterbury’s strategic plan calls for us to continuously improve our healthcare system at Westminster Canterbury. Healthcare excellence is our goal – we are striving to provide the very finest healthcare for residents of any senior care community in America. Our leadership understands that a fully developed, ambitious, ongoing program of Clinical Training is key to being able to provide the best care to residents. Our excellent care would not be possible without your gifts! 

    Your gifts make it possible for us to have:

    • Nurses available 8 a.m.-midnight in our clinic
    • Additional certified nursing assistants in Parsons Health Center to provide support during the busy evening hours with dinner and nighttime routines.
    • Excellent, innovative Clinical Training programs including a clinical educator devoted to providing on-the-floor and small group continuous training in Parsons Health Center, ensuring staff are equipped to provide the best care. 

    "Mom and I were terrified of her being in a ‘nursing home.’ But then we met her aides. They were like extended family to us. I can’t express the peace of mind from knowing I could leave Mom, and she was not only being greatly cared for - she was also loved."

  • Wellness

    Whole-body wellness is important at any age, and our residents stay active in many ways! Your gifts support enhancements to our wellness offerings. Because of your gifts, we’ve been able to expand our staff, making it possible for us to offer additional fitness classes attended by residents at all fitness levels. Residents exercise their brains with the computerized Dakim Brain Fitness program that improves memory and strengthens concentration. Educational offerings related to medication, nutrition and fall prevention provide knowledge that empowers residents to make the best choices for their overall health and wellness. 

    Thanks to donors like you:

    • Dakim Brain Fitness improves memory and strengthens concentration through computerized games.
    • A saltwater pool purification system provides a safer swimming environment.
    • Residents learn about nutrition and fall prevention through educational lectures.
  • Memory Support

    One in three people over 85 – the fastest growing segment of our population – will experience some form of dementia.  Westminster Canterbury Richmond is committed to providing innovative care for those whose connections to their memories and loved ones begin to fade. 

    Regularly scheduled weekly music, art and horticulture therapy programs unlock memories and help those with dementia connect with their hobbies and past times. Many communities offer occasional therapy programs of this kind, but we know of no others that are able to offer the amount or diversity of programs like we do thanks to your gifts. 

    A memory support chaplain offers spiritual programming for residents, family members, staff and ministers who are affected by dementia. This position is the only one of its kind in Virginia. She shares her techniques and advice for spiritual care through seminars for clergy and other professionals, helping spread the knowledge of how to connect with loved ones with dementia.

    Thanks to donors like you:

    • Music helps some dementia sufferers recover memories.
    • Residents enjoy planting or arranging favorite flowers, cooking harvested vegetables and stocking bird feeders.
    • The creation of art engages and affirms residents.
    • A memory support chaplain leads Bible studies, devotions, current events discussion and service projects for residents; support groups for spouses and family members; and training for area clergy on spiritual care for those with dementia.

    "I arrived to visit my husband just as music therapy began. He was asleep in a recliner. I tried to wake him. I rubbed his hand, kissed his cheek, and spoke to him, but he gave no response. The music therapist asked me what type of music he preferred. At my request she played "Amazing Grace." He opened his eyes, saw and recognized me, took my hand and kissed it."

  • Studio Arts

    People can discover artistic abilities at any age! In the Arts Studio at Westminster Canterbury, classes in a variety of media meet the needs of both budding new artists and experienced artists and crafters. Your gifts provide instructors and materials for expressing creativity in wide-ranging classes in painting, jewelry-making, woodworking, crafts and more. Residents continue their lifelong passions or discover hidden potential. 

    Thanks to donors like you:

    "Advanced Parkinson’s disease makes it difficult for my dad to move and speak, but he visits the studio at least twice per week to paint. An Art Angels program pairs him with a volunteer who assists him so he can continue to participate in workshops, classes and independent time in the studio."

  • Performing Arts

    The Sara Belle November Theater, specially designed for the comfort of older adults, is one of only a few nationwide on the campus of a retirement community. 82% of the theater’s budget comes from charitable gifts, not resident fees, to pay for all performance and technical fees in the theater. Donors sustain this programming by giving to permanent endowments or sponsoring special performances. Engaging performances draw residents from all over campus to share exciting experiences.

    Performances made possible by donors like you:

    • Glenn Miller Orchestra
    • Preservation Hall Jazz Band
    • Richmond Ballet
    • Richmond Symphony
    • Vienna Choir Boys
    • Virginia Opera
    • Virginia Repertory Theatre

    "Welcome back, date night! My husband’s illness didn’t allow us to go out for years. Now he gets the care he needs and we can still enjoy date night in the Sara Belle November Theater. Living here is such a blessing."

  • Pastoral Care

    Three full-time and two part-time chaplains provide an array of worship opportunities and pastoral support for residents and staff. Your gifts fund a memory support ministry that supports residents with dementia, their families and professional caregivers. Area seminarians and recent seminary graduate interns receive stipends through the Foundation to work and learn on our campus. Donors created endowments to support Westminster Canterbury’s pastoral care educational lectures that are open to the wider community.

    Thanks to donors like you:

    • Chaplain Kathy Berry specializes in dementia-related pastoral care. She leads Bible studies, devotions, current events discussion and service projects for residents; support groups for spouses and family members; and training for area clergy on spiritual care for those with dementia.
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    • The Fuller-Rose Endowment, in memory of the late Rev. Dr. Reginald H. Fuller and the late Dr. Ben Lacy Rose, provides internships for seminarians.

    "Your Pastoral Care team offered more than services and Bible studies to my mom. They offered true friendship and comfort. You know it’s real when both parties share the same respect and love for each other."

  • Child Development Center

    Westminster Canterbury Richmond's Child Development Center enrolls children from the ages of six weeks to 12 years. Employee children receive a 45% Corporate tuition discount. Generous donors created a need-based scholarship endowment for employee children and additional scholarships for special extracurricular activities for all children.

    Your gifts provided:

    • A fully renovated playground
    • Additional art and music programs
    • Summer camp enrichment opportunities
    • Enhanced literacy training through the Handwriting Without Tears program, iPads and new curriculum and materials.

    "My son is a normal, active 4-year old – he loves to run and is very wiggly. Something amazing happens when he is in art classes in your Child Development Center. He focuses. He gets very quiet and takes great care in whatever he is creating at that moment."

  • Workforce Development

    Training our employees in order to attract and retain the most talented workforce is a priority of Westminster Canterbury Richmond. We strive to offer internal training for all employees to ensure we offer the best care and develop our existing staff. Donors also support employees’ individual efforts to develop themselves. Whether it’s attending a one-day, work-related seminar or earning a college degree, employees find opportunities to grow. Residents and staff benefit from comprehensive, innovative training. 

    Thanks to donors like you:

    • Westminster Canterbury Richmond established a School of Learning dedicated to excellent training and leadership development.
    • An employee progressed from an office assistant to a certified nursing assistant and is currently a registered nurse thanks to support from the Thrasher Healthcare Education Endowment.
    • A dining employee completed a nursing assistant program while pursuing her lifelong dream of becoming a nurse.
    • The Phillips Engineering Education Endowment helps engineering staff enhance their skills and better serve our residents.  

    "A few years ago my identity was stolen and my finances became extremely strained. I was awarded $500 toward classes and books. I completed my education and am an RN. I will never stop working here – for me, working here is therapy. I love showing our residents compassion and get deep satisfaction from my time here."

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